Butterfly Complex: Exquisite Craftsmanship Ashes Jewelry from Emily's Friend

Butterfly Complex: Exquisite Craftsmanship Ashes Jewelry from Emily's Friend

2022 Season 2 × Butterfly Jewelry for Ashes in DonnRock Classic Collection


By Amy

This work was jointly commissioned by friend of Emily, who sought to find a way to remember her after her passing. Later in life, Emily was a passionate steward of her backyard garden. One of her friends reminisced that despite having never married; Emily saw herself as having had a family in all the creatures that stopped to stay awhile in her garden. Above all things Emily adored the caterpillars and butterflies that she would find in the spring. A sign that the dreary Seattle winter had ended and her favorite season, summer, would soon arrive.

The pendant is a detachable device, inside a separate urn that can be placed quietly and quietly in a wooden box, the outer shell is a hollow butterfly, the middle is an infinite loop of ancient celtic knots, representing infinite life and endless love, also inlaid with several colored gemstones. The butterfly edge is also inlaid with white diamonds, as well as the delicate beaded edge, and the whole is a gorgeous antique jewelry style.

In Memory Of Emily Perkins

Born and raised in Seattle, Emily is survived by her two best friends Anna and Dorothy. She could often be found watering with an old-style watering can instead of a more convenient garden hose because “the flowers can tell the difference”. She would often invite Anna and Dorothy for tea and treats in her garden, being the only one unmarried Emily’s home offered a feminine escape from the occasional frustration of married life. She would offer her friends relationship advice and enchant them with the adventures of the animals of the garden, all of whom had names. Emily’s friends hope that her story can serve as an inspiration for others to be better stewards of the earth and love the planet that cares for us each day. A small donation will be made to a non-profit conservation organization in Emily’s name for every piece sold. 

Symbolism Of The Butterfly

Although the life of a single butterfly is fleeting, as a species they have inhabited the planet for millions of years. The butterfly is a natural symbol of self-transformation, creation, life, beauty, resurrection, hope, change, and spiritual rebirth. The magical life process of the lowly caterpillar’s metamorphosis to a noble butterfly has given people inspiration for centuries. ancient Aztecs believed that brave warriors who died would eventually become hummingbirds or butterflies, blessed to sip sweet nectar forever. In Celtic mythology, the butterfly is a symbol for the soul. An old Irish proverb reads “Butterflies are the souls of the dead waiting to pass through purgatory”. In its own carefree, fluttering way the butterfly encourages us gently to complete our own personal transformations with faith and confidence.

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