Jewelry for Ashes Inspired Design from Shane's Story

Jewelry for Ashes Inspired Design from Shane's Story

2022 Season 2 × White Horse Memorial Jewelry


Shane's wife Erin told me a lot of stories about Shane and his horse Joey, I realized that Joey has an extraordinary meaning to Shane, both in spirit and in life, so I used a horse as a design element, a urn pendant was designed so that Shane could rest peacefully in Joey's belly, as if they could be together forever.

The whole shape is an oval, it is neither too feminine nor too masculine, classic and timeless, the horse's head is completely nestled in the oval, the eyes are lowered, inlaid with a crystal, and the neck is part of it is decorated with Celtic knots, which means infinite life and never-ending love. The outline of the horse and the part of the Celtic knot are inlaid with white zircons, turning it into a white horse, and also a sustenance. Hope it leads to Shane's return to the afterlife. Between the horse's head and the neck, that is, in the center of the entire pendant, is a ruby, which can also be customized by the birthstone of the memorial person Shane or the wearer herself, which is determined by Erin's wishes.

In Memory Of Shane Doyle

Originally from Ireland, Shane was a frequent equestrian and could often be found riding on the weekends. A devout Catholic, he was especially fond of Saint Josemaria's theology of the donkey. The family fondly remembers Shane's preferred, but nearly indistinguishable: theology of the horse. During the design process Shane’s wife, Erin, shared with our designers that "horses were always his way of relating to his creator, now I hope that they can help our family again by keeping us close to him".

Shane's family graciously agreed to allow our company to offer their beautiful custom design for sale to the public in the hopes that it could help other families going through the same difficulties to heal. In exchange, a small donation will be made to non-profit equestrian organizations in Shane's name for every piece sold.

Symbolism Of The Horse

The horse is one of nature's most majestic animals, being a symbol of courage, strength, independence, freedom, nobility, endurance, perseverance, confidence, victory, heroism and competition. In the history, myths, and folklore of many cultures around the world, the horse is honored as man's most loyal and dependable companion in battle. The spirit of the horse inspires us to aspire to the qualities from which it derives its own majesty.

This wild creature dares us to move forward in the face of adversity, to strive for success despite all odds, and above all to be the very best version of ourselves. Let this mighty animal shine a light on the memory of our dearly departed, to conquer the darkness ahead and strive forwards with a rigorous tenacity that will hold in only the highest esteem the opportunities and future their life has imparted to us.

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