Design Philosophy

We Pursue the balance and beauty of design works, and carefully create smooth and light ash jewelry that prioritizes functionality without the loss of flexibility. Our goal is to create customizable commemorative jewelry that consumers love and are confident to wear to any occasion. Each series emphasizes different emotional themes, in an unpretentious way with vivacious colors. Here you can find commemorative jewelry with a sense of fashion, simplicity, luxury, personality to outwardly express your innermost self.

Diversified Customization

Create beautiful, custom necklaces and pendants by adding your own selection of engraved text, birthstones, photos and more. Make your daily life and special occasions more meaningful with thoughtful, personalized Memorial Jewelry that your loved ones will treasure forever.

Exquisite Workmanship

Our urn jewelry uses a sophisticated, advanced casting process for greater ashes storage space and lighter wearing comfort. The artisans who engrave and polish the details of every piece of jewelry each have more than 10 years of experience in the jewelry industry. Each step of our process requires our craftsmen to display exquisite skill and attention to detail. Donnrock firmly believes that focusing on every aspect of our jewelry quality is the key to keeping our promise to stand the test of time. We are confident that every patron of Donnrock jewelry will appreciate our exquisite craftsmanship and care.

Colorful Gems Life

Donnrock's critical selection process for gemstone specifications and setting techniques are also an important part of our brand offering. Our gemstone experts will judge each gem’s color, weight, size, facet, luster and shape, to ensure they meet our standard for gorgeous colors, hardness, durability, and clarity to deliver the beautiful custom aesthetic design that our patron’s deserve.

Quality Control

Consumer feedback is our primary indicator when developing new jewelry series. A great example, we have used 999 sterling silver and 18K yellow gold in the coating standard for silver color and gold color to ensure the durable feature.


Package Include

A special kit for filling your cremation ash jewelry.

This kit will contain everything that you need, includinga funnel to make it easy to fill the interior compartment of your jewelry. You will also be provided a toothpick, which you can use to help guide the ashes down the funnel and use to clean the threads of any remaining cremains.

You will receive special filling instructions that you can follow along to make the process super easy.

Each cremation jewelry piece comes in a lovely gift box with a gift bag.

What Can You Put In Your Cremation Jewelry?

Cremation jewelry holds the cremains of your loved one, but it can also hold a lock of your loved one’s hair, dried flowers from their service, or other small tokens of remembrance.

How Do I Fill My Cremation Jewelry?

Adding the ashes to the interior of your cremation jewelry is simple and should take less than twenty minutes. Following a few easy steps along with inspecting your keepsake weekly ensures that your remembrance remains safe and secure inside the jewelry. We will attach an instruction for filling Cremation Jewelry with the package, you could make a reference.

STEP 1: LOCATE AND REMOVE THE THREADED SCREW Locate and remove the threaded screw. This can be done by removing the threaded bail at the top of the keepsake or by removing the set screw on the back, side or bottom of the pendant.

STEP 2: PLACE THE ASHES INTO THE FUNNEL Insert the tip of the funnel into the opening of the pendant and, using a plastic spoon or other utensil, place a very small amount of ashes into the funnel. Use the filling sticks to gently push any ashes into the opening of the keepsake. Fill the jewelry about 80% full.

STEP 3: REINSERT THE BAIL Reinsert the threaded bail or set screw and make sure that it sits flush with the surface of the jewelry. If it does not, than remove the screw and gently tap out some of the cremains.

Clean, Care & Store

Void spraying perfume directly on your jewelry.

We recommend removing your jewelry before showering or bathing.

Avoid contact with lotions and creams as much as possible.

Avoid swimming with your pieces as chlorine and sea water will react with the metals and cause your jewelry to tarnish.

Remove your pieces before going to bed to avoid any accidents that may cause damage to the pieces.

Wash your jewelry in a warm soapy water.

Keep it dry then store it into the jewelry box.

If possible wrap the jewelry in anti tarnish paper before sealing in into the jewelry box.

You can read our jewelry care guide for more information on proper care.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our warranty, our jewelry, or the service we provide. We are always happy to help.

Warranty Policy

At DonnRock, we are committed to providing beautiful, high-quality personalized jewelry. Under our warranty, we offer 90 days from the date of purchase, if any manufacturer defect is discovered with relation to the material or the workmanship of the jewelry, we will replace the item at no cost.

Following issues that would not be considered manufacturing defects include:

Improper care of jewelry Improper cleaning, or interaction with chemicals that leads to discoloration of the surface. Bent bands or prongs due to excessive force or wear, particular for rings.

Loss of stones, or damage caused by a lack of maintenance or wear over extended period of time.

Scratched surface of photo engraved jewelry due to improper care, or wearing with other pendants.

You can read our jewelry care guide for more information on proper care.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our warranty, our jewelry, or the service we provide.

We are always happy to help.


Can I engrave my cremation jewelry?

Yes, you can. Many of our cremation jewelry pieces have room to add a few characters or, in some cases, a few lines of engraved text. We also offer a variety of fonts for phrases, names, and dates.

How do I find the product I'm looking for on the website?

You can find all the products on our site through a simple search. Either enter the keyword or item number in the search bar at the top right of the page, or search by category on our navigation menu.

Which countries do you ship to?

Click here for the list of countries that we currently ship to. If you cannot find your country when checking out, it indicates that we currently do not offer to ship to that location.

Shipping fee

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United Arab Emirates 7.99 $22

Customs fee

For customers located outside of the United States, please note it is possible your package is subject to customs duties. We will not cover the customs fees and duties, and they are non-refundable as well. We are not able to process any modification to your order while the package is with the customs. If you have concerns about potential customs fee and duties, we recommend you reaching out to us before placing an order.

Would you like to carry Donnrock collections at your store, online or offline?

Thank you for being interested in our collections! We are always happy to support retailers who share the same passion for memorial jewelry. We would love to get to know you!
Please email us at support@donnrock.com and share some basic information about your business, your location, and how you heard about us. We will get back to you promptly! Click to learn more about Donnrock cooperation information.


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You can view your invoices by going to my account/my orders. Simply click on the relevant order and download your invoice.


How can I track my order?

You can track the progress of your order by heading to my account/my orders then clicking on "Track my order". Or click here to check.

My parcel is missing or lost.

If your order has been lost or stolen, please get in touch with our Customer Service team at support@donnrock.com. Our team will then contact the delivery company to resolve the issue.
Don't forget to provide your order number so that we can deal with the issue as quickly as possible!


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