Memory Across Time

Let your most precious departed be forever present in your life.

With a little help, they can be by your side - always.

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Still here but in a different way, that love you had will never change.

Cast their memory in your heart to stay.

In good times and in bad, we hope this necklace will help bring loved ones together. In times of sickness and in times of health. Even in death, may you never fully be apart.

It is our greatest wish that those who wear our jewelry will feel the gentle encouragement of their beloved when it is not possible to be together in person. To continue living each moment and treasuring the little joys of life as if they were standing right beside you. For it to be an important part of your life, and wear it wherever you go.

Keep them near your heart - Forever

keep them near your heart Forever - Donnrock

With Beautiful Keepsake Jewelry

Those that we are closest to - our family, our friends, our pets are never far from our hearts when they pass from our lives. Our keepsake jewelry provides a personal and discreet way to keep them with you - always. Our pieces are designed to look and feel like traditional high quality, every day jewelry and are guaranteed to safely preserve a memory of your loved one.


Meaningful but practical storage necklaces are no longer a fantasy!

Add personalized information to any pendant.

The memory between you is engraved on the necklace, each jewelry piece will have its own private meaning to the wearer.

With a minimalistic, stylish, but unbecoming design, you can wear it on any occasion.

Lightweight pendants for maximum comfort

The jewelry can be worn for a whole day without causing soreness, even when the capsule is filled with a memory.

The engraving and long-lasting shine are made with every day usage in mind.

Our superior forging process ensures that every piece is durable and corrosion resistant. Long-lasting shine can be easily maintained with simple daily care.

Our superior design and casting process makes it possible to have increased storage capacity compared to similar products from competitors.

Our superior seal system allows both liquids and solids to be stored without any leaking or dripping compared to similar products from competitors.

meaningful but practical storage necklaces are no longer a fantasy - Donnrock

The details of the DonnRock standard.

Upgraded details.

18k gold plated copper

Lightweight and long-lasting material

Large capacity compared to similar products from competitors

Stylish but not conspicuous

Funnel Assist Included

The product comes with a metal funnel included free of charge, so that your memory can be easily and respectfully poured inside.

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