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We offer distinct jewelry lines with a wide choice of products within each line. New products are chosen not only because of their aesthetic beauty but also to be appealing to a wide variety of patrons. Each line has products that will appeal to many different individuals, and families with options for every budget.


We will provide product brochures and physical samples according to the needs of your showroom. Once your customers have the opportunity to touch and feel our products in person, they will appreciate the quality and passion that goes into the fashioning of every piece.

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What we offer and how it will benefit your business?

No minimums

No Minimums -  Donnrock

Order on an 'as needed' basis. This means there is no inventory for you to store.


4000㎡ Machining Center

Our machining centers provide customized services, and we solve the usual 1-3 month waiting time, no more than 7 working days from process to ship, which can best meet the needs of urgent orders.


Global Logistics

If your customers place orders with you by phone or online in different cities, we provide logistics services from the processing center to the customers, and we also provide express expedited services to deal with any urgent needs.

 Global Logistics - Donnrock


Speak directly with our Canadian retailer service team based in Vancouver, BC for any orders, or issues.



The following are our offices and warehouses, you can make an appointment in advance to visit and negotiate business.


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