People who died with their boots on

People who died with their boots on

Guy Henderson

1. “Logan Ambulance One base turn complete." – Guy Henderson. 

Guy Henderson was the pilot aboard the Loganair air ambulance in the 2005 Islander Accident. The aircraft was on its way to Campbelltown Airport in Argyll, Scotland to pick up a ten year old patient with acute abdominal pain. “Logan Ambulance One base turn complete” was Henderson’s final transmission to the air traffic controller. Investigators believe that the plane crashed seconds after this transmissions concluding that Henderson allowed the plane to fly too low upon approach due to fatigue from being overworked. The patient was eventually driven overland to a Glasgow hospital and treated for appendicitis.

Michael P. Murphy

2. "Roger that, sir. Thank you." – Michael P. Murphy

Michael P. Murphy was a US Navy SEAL officer who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in the War in Afghanistan. He was killed on June 28, 2005 after his team became surrounded by Taliban forces in Afghanistan. Murphy had left his covered position to get better reception to contact headquarters and request immediate support for his team. He dropped his satellite phone after being shot more than 14 times, but still managed to retrieve the device and finish his call, even signing off with a “Thank you” while fighting Taliban from an exposed position. Lt Murphy is truly an American hero in every sense of the word.

Albert Scott Crossfield

3. "Atlanta, this is seven niner x-ray, I'd like to deviate south weather." – Albert Scott Crossfield

Albert Crossfield was the first pilot in history to fly at twice the speed of sound. An American naval officer and test pilot, Crossfield was the first of twelve pilots to fly the North American X-15, an experimental plane that was co-developed by NASA and the US Air Force. After giving a speech to a class of young air force officers Crossfield went missing while piloting a Cessna 210A towards Manassas Virginia near his home in Herndon. The plane was found one day later by investigators who concluded that air traffic control had failed to provide adverse weather avoidance assistance.

Dave Shaw

4. "I look forward to taking that off." – Dave Shaw

David John Shaw was an Australian scuba diver, and airline pilot with Cathay Pacific. Shaw died on January 8, 2005, while diving in Bushman’s Hole in South Africa. His 333rd dive, Shaw undertook this challenging dive in an effort to recover the body of Deon Dreyer, a recreational scuba diver who died in the infamous underwater cave system ten years prior.

Jack Daniel

5. “One last drink, please” – Jack Daniel

Jasper Newton Daniel was an American distiller and business person most famous for the creation of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. Daniel famously requested one last drink on his death bed. We can only speculate that his last drink must have been his own famous smoothest sippin’ whiskey.

Ronald David Lang

6. “I’m a f*cking doctor” – R. D. Laing

Ronald David Laing was a Scottish psychiatrist who studied mental illnesses. Most notably, he studied the experience of psychosis and worked to develop alternative treatments to electroshock therapy that was common psychiatric practice at the time. He died shortly after suffering from a heart attack while playing tennis in the South of France. His last words when asked if he wanted a doctor were “I’m a f*cking doctor”.

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Bob Jones Sr.

7. "Mary Gaston, get my shoes; I must go to preach." – Bob Jones Sr.

Robert Reynolds Jones Sr. was an American evangelist, pioneer religious broadcaster, and the founder of Bob Jones University. Concerned with the secularization of post-secondary education Jones Sr. began the Bob Jones University to fill the need for an orthodox Christian college. A man of God to the very end, Mrs. Jones recounted that his last words before slipping into a semi-coma leading up to his passing were “Mary Gaston, get my shoes; I must go to preach.”

Adrian McGill

8. "I have got that woman. We are all right." – Adrian McGill

Adrian McGill was the Sub Officer of the Glasgow Fire Service. On November 18, 1972 the fire service was called to a disused shop where a large fire had broken out. Attempting to rescue a trapped woman within the flames, Sub Officer McGill removed his breathing apparatus to give to her. Tragically succumbing to smoke inhalation, he was posthumously awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct and the Glasgow Corporation Medal for Bravery.

Ingrid Bergman

9. "Do I look all right? Give me my brush and my makeup." – Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid Bergman was a Swedish actress who was best know for playing the role of Ilsa Lund in the famous movie Casablanca. On June 15, 1974 Bergman entered a London clinic and had her first operation after discovering a small hard lump on the underside of her left breast. Even after the cancer had spread throughout her entire body, she continued her acting career despite being in tremendous pain. Even upon on her deathbed, upon hearing she had a visitor she asked “Do I look all right? Give me my brush and my makeup”

Osamu Tezuka

10. "I'm begging you, let me work!" – Osamu Tezuka

Osamu Tezuka was a Japanese cartoonist, manga artist, and animator. Often considered the Japanese equivalent to Walt Disney, he has earned many monikers including “The God of Manga”, “The Father of Manga”, and “The Godfather of Manga”. At the 1964 New York World’s Fair, Tezuka met in person with Walt Disney where Disney said he hoped to “make something just like” Tezuka’s famous Astro Boy anime. Fans of Tezuka’s anime Kimba the White Lion might notice that Disney’s Lion King borrows many main characters ideas from the earlier anime series. A devoted artist until the end, Tezuka’s last words were to a nurse that tried to take away his drawing equipment while encouraging to rest.

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