Memorial jewelry

Memorial jewelry

What is Memorial Jewelry?

Modern memorial jewelry, originally known as mourning jewelry, is a type of jewelry worn by people in memory of a friend or family member that has passed away. The tradition of wearing this type of jewelry was popularized in the 19th century by Queen Victoria who wore mourning clothing and jewelry for decades after the passing of her husband Prince Albert. The association between jewelry and funerary rites can actually be traced back much further in history. Today, there are a variety of options when considering wearing a piece of memorial jewelry. This article will overview some of the most popular forms of modern jewelry in 2022.

Who Buys Memorial Jewelry?

Generally speaking, memorial jewelry is bought by the family and friends of the deceased after their passing. Symbolic and Locket Jewelry can also make for a meaningful gift if you know someone who has had a loved one pass away recently. In some cases, a person may request in their will to be remembered through memorial jewelry. In these cases, the person may have a specific style picked out in advance, or they may decide to leave it to the family to choose.

Why Do People Wear Memorial Jewelry?

The act of wearing memorial jewelry is meant to serve as a reminder of a loved one who has passed away. For many people, our jewelry pieces can help to keep their loved ones close even after their passing, whether it be with cremation jewelry or a symbolic memento. Keeping a physical reminder nearby can provide a way to honor the deceased, and comfort those who are still grieving.

Symbolic Jewelry

Symbolic Memorial Jewelry is jewelry that is substantially the same as regular everyday jewelry in terms of function. This type of memorial jewelry is worn specifically as a reminder of someone who was close to the wearer in life and has since passed away. These pieces may have some symbols related to the person who has passed, or to the cycle of life and death. Some examples of designs might include hearts, angel wings, butterflies, sunflowers, or an animal that was beloved by the deceased. Since these pieces do not contain any physical remains, it is usually the safest bet for those who are unsure if another type of memorial jewelry might violate their religion or ethics.

Symbolic Jewelry

Locket Jewelry

Locket Memorial Jewelry is similar to symbolic memorial jewelry in that it does not contain any physical remains. This means the locket jewelry would be another good choice for those who feel uneasy about the concept of other types of memorial jewelry. The benefit of a locket jewelry piece compared to a symbolic jewelry piece is that the locket can hold a picture of the deceased. Many people find peace and comfort in having a photo of their loved one nearby and accessible at all times.

Locket Jewelry

Cremation Jewelry

Cremation Memorial Jewelry is a piece of jewelry like a ring or a necklace that contains an inner compartment. This inner compartment is most often used to store a small amount of cremated remains from the deceased. While some people might be disconcerted by the concept of keeping ash remains of the deceased nearby, others find comfort in knowing that their loved one is nearby at all times. It is important to remember that some people and religions will have specific guidelines or rules that they want followed with regards to the physical remains. For example, some religions forbid cremation, and others may require that all remains are buried in the earth. We strongly recommend that anyone considering this type of jewelry do their due diligence to make sure that this type of jewelry is not against the wishes of the deceased or their religion. Another option when wearing cremation jewelry is to use dirt from the burial ground, a small piece of the deceased’s clothing, or some other physical reminder inside of the capsule. These types of reminders can give a similar effect to the wearer without the worry of violating any religious beliefs.

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Ash Made Jewelry

Ash Made Memorial Jewelry is a piece of jewelry that is partially or wholly crafted from a mixture of cremated remains, and other materials. The most common style for ash made jewelry would be to create a gemstone using the cremated remains that is set as the main feature of a signet ring or large stone necklace pendant. Similar to cremation jewelry, those who want to wear ash jewelry should be aware of the wishes and religious beliefs of the deceased before proceeding. While it may be possible to substitute the ash remains with another meaningful memento like dirt from the burial ground, or ash from the deceased’s clothing it will depend on the artisan’s fashioning process.

Ash Made Jewelry

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